“The secret to editing your work is simple: you need to become its reader instead of its writer.”

Zadie Smith


The editor is effectively a second set of eyes that helps you to muddle through all that extra text and highlight the message that you want to get across. There are several stages in document revision.

In the earlier drafts, editing ensures that the document is clear and easy to understand and that the language flows well. This may require deleting entire sentences or moving them around, rewriting entire paragraphs to ensure there is no repetition or awkward wording. In this stage, there is focus on style and consistency, and it usually results in a reduction in the word count. The language is improved and the writing has a higher impact.

Proofreading is the final stage of document revision, and it aims to improve good writing to ensure it is free of errors. The focus is on spelling, punctuation and grammar. This is the final polish to your document.

Translation editing involves checking the translation against the source document to ensure proper transposition of meaning and message, and remove inconsistencies.

Special discounts available for thesis and dissertation editing.

The art of saying much in few words is exactly what the publisher and the reader wants – for your paper to be concise. That is why we have developed a range of editing services to tailor your scientific paper specifically for the journal of submission, and why we have created the Concise publication support package.

The Standard package is intended for manuscripts that are already well-written in English. If your manuscript requires more intensive editing with substantial corrections, the Advanced package is the right one for you. Not sure which editing package you need? Send us your manuscript and we will recommend the level of editing depending on the scope of corrections required.


  • Line for line review of the translation against the source document
  • Correction to remove errors in translation, inconsistencies in meaning and message
  • Complete grammatical correction
  • Checking for accuracy and consistency in language, structure, use of tenses
  • Complete grammatical correction
  • Consistency in the use of language
  • Consistency in format
  • Unlimited Q&A with editor


Formatting to meet the author guidelines
Reducing the word count (included in Advanced package)
Editing the cover letter (included in Advanced package)
Assistance in writing the reviewer response letter
Assistance in writing the abstract
Reference checking: basic (checking that all citations are included in references and vice versa) or advanced (adapting references to journal requirements, checking for citation errors)
Citation assistance
Editing certificate (free of charge, upon request)