“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.”

Gunther Grass


Translation is the first step to getting your work published. Today, English is the only relevant language for the dissemination of high-level scientific results, and major journals demand impeccable language expression. Translating scientific and academic texts means understanding the nuances involved, both in the research and in the way the findings are presented. There is no one right or perfect way to say something, in any language. By working side by side with authors, we can ensure that your message is getting across to your target audience.

Translation available from Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian into English.

We do not employ machine translation, believing that understanding the original nuances, knowledge of the subject matter, and extensive experience ensure the best result for your document.

We also translate non-scientific documents, such as administrative documents, websites, business plans, blogs, marketing materials, user manuals, and so much more.

Custom solutions for large projects such as books.


Certified translations by a sworn court interpreter.
Languages available: Croatian, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German
Officially bound, stamped and signed.


Multiple rounds of translation
Abstract writing
Reformatting for multiple journals in a one-year period